Traveling Teams

Texas Quidditch and Austin Quidditch

Both Texas Quidditch and Austin Quidditch (AQ) have open tryouts the first or second weekend of the Fall semester. While you cannot tryout for a traveling team after this initial tryout, you are more than encouraged to join a house team for the school year! More info on which on the next page.

Texas and AQ are both elite traveling teams that compete against different universities at tournaments throughout the year. Texas is our A team and AQ is our B team, but both teams compete against the same schools at the same tournaments. 

Traveling teams compete for the chance to play and win nationals or the Quidditch World Cup. Texas won the national title at World Cups 6,7, and 8.

Traveling teams are more competitive than house teams but still maintain the same sense of family that house teams do. 

Texas Quidditch



Captains 2017-2018 Season:

Dylan Bottoms and Michael Johnston Jr. 




Austin Quidditch


Captains 2017-2018 Season:

Bri Vest and Mark Behrendt



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