Game Basics

Game Basics

The Basics

4 positions:
Keepers, Seekers, Chasers and Beaters ​

6 players on the field on each team at a time
7 players each when seekers are released.

3 balls:
Quaffles, Bludgers and the Snitch​​


Teams get 10 points for scoring and 30 points for catching the snitch.

Game play goes until 18 minutes. After that, seekers and the snitch are released and the game ends when one seeker pulls the snitch.

​Players must play with a broom between their legs at all times!



How does the snitch work?​​​​

 The snitch is a 3rd party player that has no affiliation with either team playing. The snitch is released after 17 minutes of game play and waits for seekers to be released at 18 minutes. The snitch does not have a broom and can push, throw, tackle, etc. any seeker and can use both hands to do so. The snitch has a tennis ball in a pouch attached to the back of his/her shorts and tries to keep the seekers from catching the tennis ball. 

If you score in different hoops does it count as different points?

   Nope! Although the three hoops on each end of the pitch are of varying heights, you only get 10 points for scoring regardless of which hoop you score through. You can score behind or in front of the hoops and scorers are allowed to either throw the ball or just stick their hand through the hoop. 

Do you actually fly?

  Unfortunately no, but that certainly doesn’t keep us from thinking we can.